03 Jun 2021 - The Brainer Team

Brainer’s Bias Detection Engine enables organisations to identify bias at every stage of the HR lifecycle. Armed with this information, organisations can implement processes and practices to track and then eliminate this bias. Because we believe what gets measured gets better.

The Problem

Unconscious bias in the recruitment and talent development process can lead to the placement and promotion of the wrong people in the wrong roles. We believe that by eliminating unconscious bias across recruitment, talent development and restructuring processes, organisations can more effectively place the right people in the right roles at every level, thereby unlocking candidates’ full career potential and bringing high value for organisations.

Traditional statistical analysis needs enormous amounts of data to accurately identify and quantify bias in HR decisions.

In the example below, at a surface level there is no bias between male vs. female applicants. However, by further analyzing just one additional variable – role location – it becomes clear that a potential bias exists, although more data is required for a statistically significant conclusion.

Bias Analysis

To determine the impact of gender on HR decisions with statistical significance – in combination with age, race, disability, location of office, seniority of position and education – a company would require over 1 million applicants each year for roles.

Our Solution

Brainer’s Bias Detection Engine is based on a machine learning model which enables these bias propensities to be calculated with just several thousand applicants across all roles each year.

Our Bias Detection Engine has multiple applications across industries. In an HR application, the model uses input data (e.g. recent hiring data) to predict the outcome if a specific variable – e.g. age – is changed. This information can be used to update processes and practises, and updated data in the model can then determine if these changes have been successful in reducing bias.

Example workflow:

Bias Detection Workflow

Brainer will be showcasing the Bias Detection Engine in association with ManpowerGroup at VivaTechnology between 16-19 June 2021.