18 Aug 2021 - The Brainer Team

Project Gemini is about using AI to power better decisions. To identify the root cause of suboptimal outcomes and uncover the route to better performance.

The Problem

The key to improving outcomes is finding better interventions. Yet in complex environments this is hard. Too often we struggle to see how our actions might impact outcomes. In many cases, we may not even be able to determine what if any impact our prior actions may have had.

The Solution

To determine if we are taking the best course of action we need to consider and compare, what we did against what we might have done. To find the best future course of action we need to model what might happen under different interventions.

At present the only way to do this is through controlled experiments or complex simulations. Both approaches are all too frequently flawed, impractical and expensive.

However, at Brainer we believe that by combining domain expertise with the latest in AI, we can build models of reality which allow us to predict what might have been and what might be. To use data to discover the root cause of suboptimal outcomes, and model future actions. To ruthlessly seek out the actions that lead to improved performance.

Project Gemini

Through Project Gemini we’re working with a number of partners to prove out the application of our platform to business problems in a range of environements. Combining the expertise of our clients with the potential of our technology, to solve new problems.

Brainer will be launching Project Gemini throughout September 2021.